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What is this about?

NO IFS OR BUTTS is not just another play on words, but a campaign created by Ocean Beer to promote the correct disposal of cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts are the top plastic polluters and we are flicking an estimated 8 million butts into the environment every minute, and our Butt Box is one way we are hoping to be part of the solution.

The filters take years to degrade and break down intoĀ microplastics, a major problem in our ocean.

It is time to reverse the negative trend and restore the ocean.

For us, there are no ifs or butts when it comes to ocean health, our survival depends on it.


Do you know what a cigarette butt is made of?

Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate.

This form of plastic is extremely harmful to the environment and each butt can pollute 8-10 litres of seawater, and up to 50 litres of freshwater. If that wasnā€™t enough, they also leak nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicalsā€¦

Once they disintegrate into microplastic, marine animals eat them and they enter the food chain.

Estimates are that only a third of the trillions of cigarette buttsĀ we use are disposed of in the bin. The rest are casually flicked into the street, out a window, or put out on the beach.

Butts might be one of the most common sources of ocean trash.

Read this fabulous article in the Nat Geo's National Geographic ā†—

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The Butt Box

We might not have the ultimate answer on how to solve this problem, but we do want to be a part of the solution.

ā† This butt box will help keep the cigarette ends in one place until you find the nearest bin to throw it into. As active supporters of ocean conservation we urge you to use our butt box to ensure cigarette butts stop causing more harm to the environment.

Simple solution

Good for the ocean

Made from recycled cardboard

By using our butt box youā€™re helping protect our beautiful, blue planetĀ šŸŒ.

asked questions

  • How I can help?

    Help us raise awareness of the fact that the butt is a plastic and letā€™s stop this elusive plastic from continuing to damage our environment. Get informed, get involved and take action.

    You can start by using our butt box to carry cigarette ends until you find a waste bin.

    Donā€™t flick it, bin it.

  • Who is leading this campaign?

    We hope that you are! We need you to spread the word and raise awareness among your friends and family.

    This campaign is created by Ocean Beer and the Ocean Born Foundation but there's a whole army of Ocean Warriors making change happen.

  • What is Ocean Born Foundation?

    The Ocean Born Foundationā€™s mission is to accelerate ocean clean-up and conservation by generating a new stream of income through the commercialisation of environmentally friendly products.

    For more information visit oceanbornfoundation.org ā†—

  • What is Ocean Beer?

    Ocean Beer is an award winning, purpose-led beer unique for its quality and total commitment to the ocean. Ocean Beer donates 100% of its profits to ocean clean up and conservation.

    For more information visit oceanbeer.com ā†—

  • How can you become an Ocean Beer Embassy?

    To find out how you can receive our Butt Boxes and become an Ocean Beer Embassy, please email ā†—

Ocean Beer is fully committed to ocean preservation

We are proud to have our Ocean Beer Embassies involved in our NO IFS OR BUTTS Campaign, with many already stocking our Butt Boxes.

By using our Butt Boxes youā€™re contributing to a healthier, better šŸŒ.

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